About me


I’ve been interested in photography for years, but it’s only over the last few years, starting from 2010, that it turned into something more than just a hobby!
I got acquainted with the profession, nuances and specifics of а photographer on my own. On this long way of experiments, mistakes and self-education I’ve learned to appreciate so many incredibly beautiful, fascinating things, all the details that the beautiful world we live in offers us without asking anything back.
Through my camera I try to capture the nature we are surrounded with, heritage we have got from our predecessors, things that we must treasure forever.
Little slices of memory, feelings and even places help me to show others the beauty of the surrounding world.
Besides, I began to see the world with different eyes… how morning light slanting through a window can be simply beautiful; how can shadows on a mountainside move and wink me like they are alive. How everything simple can turn into a magic.
This is why I do what I do. This is why I’m a photographer.
I hope that you’ll enjoy the journey through my works as much as I had while making them.